Saturday, June 07, 2008

Eating Out: Red Pepper

Red Pepper Malaysian and Chinese Restaurant
Shop 15, 167-169 Shaws Road, Werribee
Ph: 03 9974 2622

I've been rather disappointed in the eating-out options in and near Werribee. They have consistently failed to impress (to the point where I can't even be bothered blogging them, as it would depress me far to much to write something that negative!!), with the only real exception to date being Nara Thai in Laverton. May I say - there is another, and it will now become my "local".

I've driven past this group of shops so many times, even called in once or twice to the supermarket, and always thought to myself "yes, I MUST try this place at some point". That point came today on my way home, when I needed some good food to cheer me up.

I didn't feel particularly sociable, so ordered the food to take away (so the pics below are my plating up and presentation... ug...) but I think I will definitely be eating in, in the future.

For my entree I chose one of my favourites - satay beef skewers (which come in a serving of 2). While the beef was a little dry for my taste, it tasted lovely, and the satay sauce that accompanied it was incredibly full of flavour and packed a fantastic wallop of spice. I scarfed these two down in next to no time. Brilliant.

I love a good mongolian beef. This one didn't look much like any mongol beef I've ever had before, but the flavour was right on, the meat was tender, and again it served up a real punch on the chilli - it was brilliant. I really can't say any more than that - I was completely happy with my meal and, as I said before, this will now become my "local". I can't wait to go back and work my way through the fairly extensive menu.

If you're planning to have your meal take away, and you're eating with a friend, I'd recommend choosing one dish you want and sharing it - the amount of rice and beef I was given is more than enough to do me for a couple more meals! For $17.90 I don't think I could get much happier. Bloody tasty food, reasonable price, only 5 minutes from home... bliss :-)

Stay tuned for my adventures in their dining room.


mellie said...

Mmm...despite the fact I've just come back from a Chinese feast myself, you've got me salivating!

You can't beat a good cheap and cheerful local :-)

Annette said...

:O Sounds extra yummy! I'm jealous *sigh*