Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Eating Out: Nara Thai

2/6 Neville Avenue, Laverton
Ph: 9369 8799

After reading about Nara Thai in Epicure I decided to give it a go - after all, it's not far from my place, and goodness knows I'm always on the lookout for some decent Thai food close to home.

My entree
was Gai Hor Bai Thoey: bite-sized pieces of marinated chicken wrapped with pandan leaves and deep-fried, with a yummy chilli dipping sauce. Lovely! A shame there were so few :-( It was almost a tease, to have so few bites of yumminess.

Of course, with a massaman curry on the menu I couldn't order anything else. And it was... nice. Flavours were great, but I like a bit of grunt in my massaman, a bit of heat. But I'd happily have theirs again, no worries.

Nathan ordered the Pad Med Ma Muang: stir-fried cashew nuts with beef and mixed vegetables with a mild chilli paste. By all accounts this was awesome (well, he said it was good, I REALLY liked it). Simple flavours, great textures.

With these dishes we ordered a serving of steamed rice and some garlic roti. The cost of the roti was... high. But nevertheless, they were VERY nice.

Total bill was a little higher than I'd pay regularly, but the food was great, as was the atmosphere, and I heard many happy noises from neighbouring tables.

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