Monday, November 19, 2007

Yoghurt Cake - Revisited!

You may remember, back in May I blogged a fantastically easy recipe for a yoghurt cake. At the time I made cupcakes from the mixture. This time I wanted to try making the one big one, as a birthday present of sorts.

But, me being me, I felt I needed to do a test run first, just to make sure the chances of getting it right when it mattered were maximised. So I did it all... sift the dry stuff, whisk the wet stuff, combine it all, mix it up well, throw it in the tin and bake it for the hour. The results - not bad at all! I threw some lemon icing on it instead of the lemon syrup and took it in to work on Sunday - not even crumbs remained when work finished. Although you REALLY do need to use a very deep cake tin: I used my regular one, didn't pour all of the batter in, and still had an overflow!

BTW: that leftover cake mix makes some of the most FANTASTIC light and fluffy pancakes I've had:

So yesterday afternoon I prepared to do it all again. This time I used what I call my 'christmas cake' tin (you know, round and deep enough to bath a baby in). Perfect! AND... I decided to go the whole way and try for the lemon syrup too.

The finished product. A little plume of mix cracked through the top in the last 15 minutes of baking, but I like to think this makes it 'decorative', hehe. The lemon syrup was lovely - I heartily recommend making it. AND any leftover syrup is really nice cold and served on top of creamy vanilla ice cream with some chopped pistachios. Or on pancakes. Mmmm pancakes....


Charles said...

Glad you're back. I've join the Melbourne fray of food blogging = )

ilingc said...

what a great idea using the left over cake batter for pancakes! Never thought of that before, mine usually just gets turned into cupcakes :)

Anna said...

Hi charles

I just checked out your food blog. That fettucine damn looks good. I can't pronounce it, but it sounds nice!

Hey ilingc

Oh yeah, cupcakes!! I didn't even think of those. I normally don't have batter left over, but this thing was a monster.

mellie said...

And I can testify to what a bloody yummy birthday cake it was too! Seriously, I was so touched by the thought :-)

Mmm...I so love a good honest cake, and with the sweet lemony syrup...ooooh yeah!

Thank you!