Monday, November 26, 2007

*THAT* Was Cycle LIGHT?!?!

Well, I attended by first Cycle class tonight EVER (Cycle is sometimes known "Spin"). My gym offers a class on Monday nights called "Cycle Light" - a 25 minute class for cycle beginners. All I have to say is... people do that for 45 minutes?!?! THE FREAKS!!

I was all red in the face, covered in sweat, and MY BUTT IS NOW KILLING ME!! But, despite all that, I'm planning to go the the class next Monday as well. It can only get easier!

Wednesday I have a day off, so will be attempting the Butt+ class. I figure I have 1+ butt-worth of butt, so Butt+ should be a good one!

I haven't updated on the gym thing in a while. I'm into a regular program now, which has unfortunately been a bit interrupted in the last few months by illness.

BUT, weight loss has continued, blood pressure improvement has continued, strength has increased, the benefits are still rolling in.

AND kilo's are still coming off, albeit slowly.

AND I bought a new dress last week... in a size lower than the last dress I bought for myself!

So, things are going REALLY well. Wonder if mum will notice the difference when I see her (less than four weeks now till then)...


Charles said...

Dear Anna,

Get it a bike and ride it.

Anna said...

hi Charles :-)

I have a bike - it lives in the garage. I take it out most weekends... but it's REALLY different to the class, that's just manic.

Charles said...

Perhaps a little manic, but have you ever thought of commuting to work by bicycle?


Anna said...

I have thought about it, but it's quite a long trip, made longer by not being able to get over the Westgate. The detour takes it from being a moderately long trip to bloody long one! So for now I'm going to content myself with going to the gym, working my way up to doing the 45 minute Cycle class, and riding my bike around on the weekends.

At least the hour and a half each way on public transport gives me plenty of time to read!