Sunday, March 08, 2009

Rudeness and Neighbours

Outside my house is a driveway to the empty block behind my house, and 2 parking spaces. The people who live 2 houses down from me insist on parking right there in front of my house.

Outside their house they have a nature strip. I do not. That parking space is the only place outside my house where any people visiting me can park.

I've tried to speak to them several times however there's been no answer at the door, so today I left a note on the windscreen of their car, politely asking them to not park there any more, and that I found it quite rude that they would park in front of my house instead of their own, two houses away.

That was this morning. This afternoon the "man" of the two comes knocking on my door and tells me I'm being unreasonable, they're well within their rights and the law to park there, and refusing point-blank to stop parking there.

I'll be contacting council on Tuesday. Really happy for people to share their thoughts with me on this. I don't think I'm being unreasonable. Am I?

Post-Posting Post: I contacted my local council this morning (Tuesday). As the area is hard to describe over the phone they're going to send a ranger out some time in the next few days to look at it, then they say they'll contact me to let me know the situation.

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