Monday, August 25, 2008

Great news!

This news just in - I'm gonna be an aunty! And I don't mean that yet another friend is pregnant - this time it's my brother and his girlfriend who are expecting XD

Fingers crossed that, come April/May next year, we're welcoming another generation into my family. With my brother as the father, and his girlfriend as the mum, this baby is going to be amazing. Let's face it - he or she is coming from damn good stock!

Even the fact that my throat is killing me, and I have no voice to yell and cheer and laugh, can't really detract from how happy I was to get the news. *sigh* words fail me.


Annette said...

Aww, a big GRATZ to you and your family Maf! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with the little one: teaching them the finer points of food critique, how to play wow, how to set up good food photos... lols

Maffy said...

Ta :) With my bro being a big WoW player (like, HUGE, has more than half a dozen 70s, and now enjoying WotLK so much), the kid doesn't stand a chance!! And Bro's woman dabbles a bit too. It'll be in the genes.

Time for me to go nuts buying baby stuff again! 3 bubs to buy for now, I love it.